NoticeConnect is an extremely user friendly, efficient and cost-effective tool in advertising for creditors. NoticeConnect's service is continuously prompt and efficient.

Sharon L. Lees,
Estates Law Clerk at Unifor Legal Services Plan

From the first time I used it, I loved it. Just insert all the information into the boxes, do a quick proof read and then submit to NoticeConnect for posting the Notice to Creditors, with confirmation of same being emailed to me, almost immediately and the Affidavit arriving in the mail in a timely fashion. What more could a busy Clerk ask for. Thank you all so much for making it a pleasure to use your wonderful Service.

Denise Crockford,

I have been advertising on NoticeConnect since its inception and my Estate Trustees are extremely happy with the very reasonable cost.I appreciate the prompt service.

J. Robert Gibson,
Sole Practitioner

NoticeConnect is inexpensive, simple to use, and effective. It’s the modern way to advertise for creditors and search for missing wills. This innovative approach to the requirement to advertise for creditors is Court sanctioned and is an important tool in all of our firm’s estate administrations. I highly recommend it to anyone administering an estate.

Ian Hull,
Estates Lawyer at Hull & Hull

Finally! NoticeConnect is the modern, sensible and cost-appropriate approach to advertising for creditors.

Daniel Nelson,
Estate Lawyer at Civis Law LLP

The opportunity to advertise for creditors on this website for my estate files has proven to be most useful. I found the process to be very user-friendly and plan to use it on a regular basis. I recommend this tool without reservation.

Bonnie Patrick,
Estate Lawyer at Goulin & Patrick

Print media like newspapers no longer offer the level of service they once were able to provide for something like a 'Notice to Creditors'. NoticeConnect efficiently and quickly fills the need through their web based service which is not geographically limited and is very cost effective compared to print media.

Terry Cashion,
Estate Trustee

I have used NoticeConnect since its inception. User friendly and very cost effective. If I have ever required any assistance, it is always given in a very friendly, timely manner. I have recommended NoticeConnect to many different law firms and our estate trustees, and will continue to do so. Thank you Patrick and the NoticeConnect team.

Michele Libertus,
Law Clerk to Michelle E. Hubert Barrister

I like the one stop experience. That I don’t have to search for what would be the best media to have my notice broadcast out there. It’s simple and efficient.

Martin Cliche,
Estate Trustee

Service was fast, efficient, friendly and certainly the most cost-efficient option for the client.

Anita DeVries,
Estates Clerk at Beard Winter LLP

The Canada Will Registry has been a great tool for us. I feel more confident now that persons looking for a deceased’s Will, will have a better chance of locating it. I was glad to give up our rudimentary excel spreadsheet index of the thousands of Wills in our firm’s vault and appreciate the standardized approach to indexing across all firms.

Kavina Nagrani,
Estate Lawyer at Loopstra Nixon LLP

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