Public Notice Solutions for Government

Across North America, every level of government - municipal, state/province, federal - is struggling with the high cost and low effectiveness of publishing public notices in print newspapers.

Let our team build you a custom, white-labelled web platform for publishing public notices online.

The Issue

  • Public notices in newspapers cost states, provinces, and municipalities millions of dollars each year
  • Print newspaper readership is declining. These ads are not effective at communicating information.
  • Legislatures that have explored putting public notices on government websites instead of in print have been accused of trying to hide information from the public.

Our Solution

  • We're experts at public notices. We'll work with your government to build a custom, whitelabelled public notice platform powered by NoticeConnect technology.
  • This public platform will connect citizens with public notices via email, SMS, social media, search, web, and print.
  • We offer consultation on implementing new legislative frameworks for public notices.


The platform comes fully-equipped with:

Search-engine optimization - Notices will be easy to find in search results
Social media integration - Your notices will automatically be promoted on social media platforms
Email subscriptions - Anyone can sign up to receive email notifications about particular types of notices
Text message alerts - Anyone can sign up to receive text message alerts about particular types of notices
Interactive content on notices - Publish graphics and maps with your notices.
Analytics reports - See which notices are generating the most interest and online discussion
Print distribution - Automatically order and sent print copies to local community centres for access by those without internet
Accounts - Create and manage multiple user accounts for posts by different individuals and institutions

Make Your Public Notices Accessible

Add graphics, schematics, and charts to your notices to communicate information visually

Publish ads in multiple languages to reach diverse populations

Automatically send print copies of notices to community centres