Steinkey, Robert

2016-09-19 19:13 UTC

Take notice that I, Stienkey, Robert, unincorporated private-subject of the Queen's Highness, Elizabeth the Second, Supreme Governor of this Her Realm the Dominion of Canada, am the grantee, and heir/beneficiary by nature and characteristic for absolute estate of all equitable and legal right, title and interest in/to/for the Estate of “ROBERT STIENKEY” ab initio February 7, 1956, CERTIFICATE No.1956-07-002823 and authenticated Registration of a Live Birth No. 07-002823. Any adverse claimants who have an interest in said Estate or claim a prior, equal or superior equitable or legal right, title or interest in said Estate capable to confuse, suspend or clog same are HEREBY ORDERED to present upon Oath or Affirmation their adverse interest to Agent C/O 10113 93 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta [T8V 0J9] before the expiration of thirty (30) days of first publication, namely by October Nineteenth Two Thousand and Sixteen, or BE IT RESOLVED, that the legal and equitable rights, titles and interests are wholly, totally and completely the sole superior domain of Stienkey, Robert of Grande Prairie, Alberta, good against all the world.

Claims due by:
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Location 2:
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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