Solutions for Creditors

Tools for collections and data cleaning

How it Works

Our Data

  • Thousands of estate notices to creditors from across Canada
  • Carefully prepared, exceptionally accurate data
  • Contains contact information and the deadlines for making a collection from an estate
  • Distinct from death notices

Our Products & Solutions

Creditor Dashboard

Notice monitoring and notification system

The Creditor Dashboard monitors notices to creditors and send you custom reports when there are matches with your records.

  • Securely upload a list of names onto the Creditor Dashboard
  • We run a matching algorithm that scrubs your data against ours each day
  • We send you a custom report when a Notice to Creditors matches your records

Creditor API

Direct access to our database of notices to creditors

  • Download our notices directly
  • No need to share any of your data
  • Granular data with multiple matching parameters
  • Ideal for financial institutions and government
  • Documentation, sample code, and support provided

One-Time Scrub

Run a one-time data cleaning scrub of your records against our database of notices

  • Upload a list of your receivables
  • Our system will automatically scrub your list against our database of notices
  • We will send you a report identifying matches

What People Are Saying

"We check NoticeConnect for notices to creditors and have found it to be not only convenient but much more effective than print newspapers."
Jojo Staples,
Estate Recovery Supervisor at Metropolitan Credit
“The NoticeConnect Creditor Dashboard has added incremental value to our process and existing data resources. The system is user-friendly and provides timely information in a highly efficient manner.”
Bob Bednar,
SVP Consumer Communications & Digital Strategy
Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Our Security Best Practices

We keep your data secure

  • Your data is stored in Canada on highly secure AWS Data Centres and backed up in multiple regions, all in Canada
  • All data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Access credentials are updated regularly
  • Server access is restricted to top-level management

Ready to see how our tools for collections and data cleaning can help you?

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