Advertising Online versus in Print

The convention of advertising in print newspapers is decreasingly effective at reaching creditors. Print news readership is declining and subscription rates are down across Canada. Several major newspapers have reduced printing or discontinued print editions altogether. Creditors are simply less and less likely to see relevant notices in a local newspaper. Additionally, changes in telecommunications technology have made it easy for individuals to conduct business outside of their hometowns and cities, which makes it even more likely that there are outstanding creditors who will never see an ad placed in the local paper.

It is only a matter of time before this convention is challenged.

Publishing notice to creditors online with NoticeConnect is the modern way to advertise for creditors of estates. It's court-approved. NoticeConnect is search-engine optimized (SEO), which means that ads posted on the website are easily found through Google by any creditor searching for a debtor, even if they have never heard of NoticeConnect. Moreover, every ad posted on the website is automatically published on Facebook and Twitter to maximize its exposure.

Read about the decline of print

The Atlantic logo
The Print Apocalypse and How to Survive It
November 3, 2016
Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

" ... The collapse of advertising is across the board, affecting just about every broadsheet and tabloid. Print ads are down 15 percent at Gannett, down 17 percent at McClatchy, and down 16 percent at Tronc. The Wall Street Journal is cutting staff and trimming sections, like Greater New York ..." Keep Reading

WSJ Logo
The Wall Street Journal to Combine Sections to Cope With Ad Decline
November 2, 2016
Lukas I. Alpert, The Wall Street Journal

" ... The move comes amid a sharp decline in print advertising that is hitting publishers across the industry. Ad buying firm GroupM has projected that global print ad spending will drop 8.7% this year, the biggest decline since 2009 during the recession ..." Keep Reading

Vox Logo
Print newspapers are dying faster than you think
October 20, 2016
Timothy B. Lee, Vox

" No one is surprised to learn that the newspaper industry is in structural decline. But the latest revenue numbers tell a scary story, with print ad revenue falling steeply even amid a healthy overall economic situation. This means things will get much, much worse when the next recession hits, and many newspapers could be forced out of business altogether. ..." Keep Reading

CBC Logo

" ... Newspapers in this country, for the most part, are incredibly hollowed out by comparison to what they used to provide. The subscription rates of newspapers are plummeting to the point where they're going to become uneconomic to even produce. ..." Keep Reading

Financial Post Logo

" ... The cuts come at a time when the newspaper industry at large is facing precipitous declines in advertising dollars, much of which is being redirected to emerging digital competition ..." Keep Reading

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