How to Write a Notice to Creditors

A notice to creditors is meant to inform outstanding creditors and other claimants of an estate that someone has died and that their estate is being administered. The notice should include the deceased's full name (and any maiden names or other names used by the deceased), the city and region in which the deceased resided, the date of death, and the deadline by which any claims must be brought forward. The deadline is typically at least thirty days from the date the ad is posted. Finally, the notice should state who is administering the estate, i.e. the estate trustee or a lawyer, and how to contact them. Contact information might include a mailing address, an email address, and/or a telephone number.


Notice to Creditors and Others in the estate of [name of the deceased], deceased, late of [City, Province], who died on [date of death]. Take notice that all persons having claims upon the estate of the above named must file with the undersigned Estate Trustee by [date] a full statement of their claims and of securities held by them.

[trustee name and contact information]