Canada Will Registry

The Canada Will Registry is an essential tool for estate planning and administration. Search for missing wills and keep your own wills organized with our free will vault management tools.

How it Works

The Canada Will Registry is where lawyers and firms register estate planning documents, manage their will vaults, and search for missing wills.
Powerful tools to keep your will vault organized
Data is private, secure, and stored in Canada
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Over 320,000 wills already registered by law firms and individual testators

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Register Wills

Ensure that wills and codicils can be found when they’re needed.

Lawyers and firms register the estate planning documents in their will vault at no charge. Our system alerts your firm if someone searches for a will that you registered. We tell you who is searching and why. You decide whether or not to disclose the existence and location of the will.
Register one document at a time or your entire will vault at once
No need to collect additional consent forms from clients
Individual testators can also register their own wills on for $40
Available Canada-wide
Manage Your Digital Will Vault

Tools to save time and stay organized
Once you’ve registered your estate planning documents on the Canada Will Registry, you can manage your records with your account. Our powerful will vault management tools save time and make it easy to stay organized.
Search, sort, and filter records
Access and update your records
Close old files
Transfer and receive records from other lawyers and firms
(ideal for when someone is retiring and winding down their practice)
Is your will vault managed with paper records, a Word file, or in a spreadsheet?

We can do the work to get you set up on the Canada Will Registry.

Search for Wills

Meaningful Due Diligence
How do you know if you have the most recent will? How do you know if a client was actually intestate? Searching the Canada Will Registry checks your request against over 320,000 registered wills. It's the most powerful step you can take to ensure that you have all the relevant documents.
1. You submit your Search Query to our system.
2. We send you a Search Certificate, which establishes that you did meaningful due diligence to check for outstanding wills.
3. If someone has a matching will, they will contact you within 30 days.


Privacy and Security - Built to Meet the Needs of Professionals

  • Firms have implicit consent from their clients to register existing wills. Read how, here
  • Only you have access to your data
  • Your data is stored and backed up exclusively in Canada
  • You’re protected by our privacy policy and supplemental agreement
  • Your data is stored and backed up in the same secure data centres trusted by Canadian financial institutions and government
  • Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Server access is monitored and restricted
Unlock Extra Features with the Canada Will Registry Subscription

Digital Document Storage
Securely store copies of estate planning documents and file notes.
Teams and Roles
Share access to your will vault across your organization with multiple login credentials and tailored levels of access.
Single Sign-On
Manage access credentials across multiple software systems.