5 Common Misconceptions About the Canada Will Registry

I'm a Business Development Representative at NoticeConnect and every day I speak with lawyers about our Canada Will Registry.

Protecting Your Firm From Ransomware Attacks

You’ve probably heard of the term “ransomware”, but what is it? Ransomware is a form of cyber attack in which malicious outside actors take over a computer system and hold it hostage. They won't return your access or your data until you send them a payment.

Search the Canada Will Registry Within Estate-a-Base

We are excited to announce that Estate-a-Base users now have access to the Canada Will Registry! The Canada Will Registry integration with Estate-a-Base by DoProcess allows legal professionals to carry out effective due diligence by searching our database of 225,000+ wills.

Case Brief - Testamentary Capacity and Dementia

In McAndrew Estate (Re), 2020 ABQB 614, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta considered the validity of three wills made by a woman diagnosed with dementia.

5 Things to Talk About When Managing Your Estate Plans

Managing estate plans can be intimidating. In fact, many people are so afraid of the thought of it that they fail to plan adequately. Or, it may seem that with so much to learn and do, you simply don’t know where to start.

Case Study - Organizing your will vault with the Canada Will Registry

Wolfe, Smith, and Forster LLP (“WSF”) have been practicing law in the Fergus, Ontario area since 1931. The firm was already using NoticeConnect to advertise for creditors when they heard about how NoticeConnect’s Canada Will Registry can help with will vault management.

Case Brief - The meaning of "residence"

In Poole v Dailey, 2020 SKQB 226, the Queen's Bench for Saskatchewan considered the case of a will that left a residential property to a couple's daughter, on condition that she occupy it as her residence.

Here's Why You Need to Draft Effective Power of Attorney(s)

Powers of attorney are one of the most important documents in your client’s estate plan, simply by virtue of the fact that they come into effect when your client is often at their most vulnerable – living, but lacking the ability to make decisions.

Tips for Choosing an Executor

Choosing an executor is like hiring an employee. You have to consider the candidate's qualifications, experience, and if they're the right fit. In this blog, I review some factors to think about when selecting the right person for the job.

Value for Clients with Will Registration Certificates

This week we introduced Will Registration Certificates. When you register a client's will on the Canada Will Registry, you can now download a certificate to share with your client showing that you've taken this important step.

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