"Estate Law 2.0" Event Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to Estate Law 2.0, our joint CPD event with Lexis Nexis Canada.

Why should an estate trustee advertise for creditors?

If you’re an estate trustee then you should advertise for creditors to protect yourself from personal liability.

Is someone looking for a will in your vault?

If you draft wills for clients, you need to know if someone is looking for one of the wills stored in your vault.

Case Brief: Fica v Dmytrshyn

Nadia Dmytryshyn had two sons, Taras and Bryan, and a brother Ned. Taras and Ned had power of attorney over Nadia's property in the six months before her death and were then her Estate Trustees.

The Executor's Year

This one-year period starts after the estate trustee obtains a “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee” from Superior Court, which formally names them as the estate trustee for the estate in question.

The Importance of Advertising for Creditors

Today I am a guest author on accountant and tax expert Mark Goodfield's blog. The post is about the importance of advertising for creditors and I highly recommend that you check it out

How can NoticeConnect help creditors?

As a creditor, you may be entitled to collect debts from the estate of a deceased debtor. This is an easy collection to make if you know when the estate is being administered. NoticeConnect helps creditors by making it easy to know when this window is open.

Four Common Mistakes Made by Estate Trustees

Administering an estate is no easy feat. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the duties and responsibilities of the estate trustee will vary.

Court Confirms NoticeConnect Satisfies Trustee Act

This morning, Justice Conway of the Ontario Superior Court granted an order confirming that a notice to creditors published on had satisfied the estate trustee’s duty to advertise for creditors

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