Value for Clients with Will Registration Certificates

This week we introduced Will Registration Certificates. When you register a client's will on the Canada Will Registry, you can now download a certificate to share with your client showing that you've taken this important step.

Case Brief - Rebutting the presumption of revocation

Levitz v. Hillel Lodge Long Term Care Foundation, 2017 ONSC 6253 is a case about a missing will and what it takes to rebut the presumption of revocation.

E-Filing, Caselines, and Everything in Between

We know that COVID-19 protocols and procedures have had everyone thrown off course more times than any of us care to admit. Once we’ve had a chance to figure out and implement one practice direction, we are undoubtedly thrown a new one.

Why Updating Your Internet Browser Matters

From researching clients to interviewing new hires to checking the weather, so much of what we do online starts with opening a browser.

Case Brief - The costs implications of a weak position, for counsel and client

In Eisenrieder Estate v Eisenrieder, 2020 ABQB 392, the Court of Queen's Bench considered the issue of costs, following a dispute over interpretation of a Will in which one party advanced a weak position.

Avoiding Common Errors When Applying for Probate

Obtaining a certificate of appointment of estate trustee with or without a will can be a process. As many estate lawyers know, it is not often that an application is approved upon first submission, in fact most are returned for corrections.

How to Store Your Will Securely

And while it’s important that a will is made, it’s also important that it’s stored properly. If the will can’t be found, it simply can’t be acted upon. That’s why we’ve put together these tips on storing wills.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Posting a Notice to Creditors

Whether you're posting for a client or you're an estate trustee yourself, publishing a Notice to Creditors on is an important step to protect the estate trustee from personal liability.

e-Wills coming to British Columbia

The BC Government has put forward legislation that would allow for remotely-witnessed, electronically-signed, self-proving wills.

Administering Estates During COVID-19

With most parts of Ontario entering phase two, there will certainly be a backlog of probate applications being processed, unless there is some urgency. While courts continue to accept and process probate applications, we can expect months long delay in receiving Certificates.

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