Five Pets that Inherited Big Money

What happens to your pets after you die? It has become increasingly common for people to set up trusts for their furry friends to make sure they’re being well taken care of after their owners have passed on.

Event Recap - Ontario Funeral Service Association AGM

This week NoticeConnect attended the 135th annual Ontario Funeral Service Association AGM & Education Conference.

TLA to Distribute NoticeConnect's Knowledge of a Will Notices

Our Knowledge of a Will notices ask the legal community if anyone has or knows about a particular will. We're proud to announce that the Toronto Lawyers Association will be distributing these notices to its members.

Case Brief: When is a will invalid?

In Milne Estate (Re), 2018 ONSC 4174, the Superior Court answers the question: Is a will that grants the executors the discretion to determine what property is subject to the will a valid will?

Creditor Dashboard Upgrades

Our Creditor Dashboard is a powerful tool that alerts creditors when a new estate Notice to Creditors matches an outstanding account. This week we released some significant product enhancements.

Your Top 3 Questions Answered

In an effort to save you time, we've pulled the top three most-asked questions about NoticeConnect together to answer them for you here.

What happens when a beneficiary can't be found?

If a beneficiary can't be found, when is it appropriate to assume they've died? The Superior Court of Justice considered this issue in Steele v. Smith, 2018 ONSC 4601 and granted a motion declaring that a missing beneficiary had died before the testator.

Three Reasons Why Alberta Needs Online Notices to Claimants

NoticeConnect makes it easy and inexpensive for estate trustees to advertise for creditors by letting them post notices online rather than in print papers. Our court-approved platform is now the standard practice in Ontario. Can estate practitioners in Alberta use us too?.

Court Approval: One year later

Today marks exactly one year since the Superior Court confirmed in a written decision that publishing a notice to creditors on NoticeConnect satisfies the Trustee Act.

Partnership Announcement with Emergent

NoticeConnect is happy to announce our partnership with Emergent, Canada’s largest innovator of document creation and file management software.

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