Case Brief - Testamentary Capacity and Second Languages

In Silano v Silano, the Superior Court considered a will challenge involving an Italian-speaking testator who made a substantial change to his will shortly before his death.

A Will Registry for Alberta

NoticeConnect started in Ontario, but our Canada Will Registry is nation-wide. Law firms from Alberta have already started using it.

Five Reasons Why You Should Register Your Clients' Wills

NoticeConnect launched the Canada Will Registry, which allows law firms to register the wills and codicils in their vaults at no charge.

Five Elderly Fraud Scams to Watch Out For

There is sometimes a more sinister reason for people not passing down their wealth - it has been taken from them by scammers.

New Feature

We've added a new feature that makes it easy for firms to automatically take down their notices after the deadline for creditors has passed.

Case Brief - Varying a Will

In Grewal v. Litt, the Supreme Court of British Columbia varied a will that divided a couple's estate unevenly between their sons and daughters.

Estate Plans of the Rich and Famous

Here are five billionaires with philanthropic estate plans.

Case Brief - Testamentary Capacity and Early Stage Dementia

In Kay v Kay Sr, 2019 ONSC 3166, Maranger J considered a will challenge where the testator executed a will at age 89, while in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Estate Planning in Ancient Egypt

Writing a will ensures that you have a say over how your estate is handled after you die. This is nothing new. The oldest known will was created in Ancient Egypt.

Where to Store Your Will

When thinking of where to store your will, it is important that you think of storing it in a secure place that will be safe from fire, water damage and theft.

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