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There may be circumstances where your client is “inheriting” an insolvent estate. Insolvency, which is different from bankruptcy, is where a person, living or dead - is unable to meet his or her liabilities or has an excess of liabilities over assets.

In Re: Lacroix Estate, 2021 ONSC 2929, the Superior Court considered the case of a holograph will prepared by a terminally ill woman in the hospital, who was unable to see her lawyer due to COVID-19 restrictions. The court ultimately found the will invalid.

The Canada Will Registry integration with Will Builder allows legal professionals to manage their will vaults, and receive alerts if someone is looking for a will in their firm's possession.

As of last month the Application for a Small Estate Certificate asks, in cases of intestacy, for the Applicant to declare that they "have carefully searched for a will of the deceased and was unable to locate a will."

In The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company v. Rogers, the Superior Court considered the case of a man who murdered his parents.

The cloud. If you use a computer or cell phone, odds are you’ve heard of it. Often. Over the past ten years or so, this term has become increasingly common in everything from how we store our personal photos to how we do business.

In Moses v. Moses, 2021 ONSC 587, the S.C.J. considered whether a son had standing to challenge his father's will, given that the father's previous will also left nothing to his son.

We are a year into life with Covid-19 and while we’ve certainly adjusted to the changes introduced by the Ontario Government in an effort to modernize the justice system, there are more noteworthy changes that will likely come into effect this April.

Saskatchewan has updated its estate administration rules and now requires Notices to Claimants to be published on NoticeConnect.

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