We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Epilogue. This partnership makes it easy for Epilogue customers to register their wills on our Canada Will Registry.

We've added a new feature that lets NoticeConnect users update the email address used for their account.

In Bishop Estate v. Sheardown, 2021 BCSC 1571, the Supreme Court of British Columbia considered whether it could validate a will that was unexecuted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Ontario, the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (“PGT”) is part of the Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division of the Ministry of the Attorney General. The Public Guardian and Trustee Act sets out the PGT’s role, responsibilities and duties.

In Tecter v. Reimer Estate, 2021 MBQB 133, the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench considered a will challenge by two grandchildren who asserted that their grandmother's will was invalid due to a lack of testamentary capacity and suspicious circumstances.

In Scurek v. Scurek, 2021 BCCA 178, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia reviewed a case in which the trial judge varied the testator's will to give a larger share to the testator's daughter.

As we move through the third wave of the pandemic, it’s easy to feel fatigue building up. This is especially true for professionals who’ve been working from home and dealing with all the changes that brings.

In February we broke down Bill 245, the Accelerating Access to Justice Act and last month the bill received Royal Assent. One of the act's biggest changes is the repeal of ss. 15(a) and 16 of Ontario's Succession Law Reform Act (the "SLRA"), meaning that marriage no longer revokes a will.

Posting a Notice to Creditors and not seeing the city or town you're looking for on our location drop-down field? We've launched a new feature for listing custom locations.

There may be circumstances where your client is “inheriting” an insolvent estate. Insolvency, which is different from bankruptcy, is where a person, living or dead - is unable to meet his or her liabilities or has an excess of liabilities over assets.

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