Company History

NoticeConnect is a web platform for publishing and accessing legal notices online. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in downtown Toronto, NoticeConnect effectively and affordably connects public legal notices with their intended audiences. The platform is trusted by lawyers, trustees, banks, and government. In 2017, the Superior Court confirmed that publishing a notice to creditors on NoticeConnect entitles an estate trustee to the liability protection afforded the Trustee Act. Since then, the company has expanded into additional types of legal notices, offers a suite of creditor products, and providing custom solutions for governments.


Patrick Hartford
Managing Director / Founder
Ext. 201

Chris Comrie
VP Finance
Ext. 202

Viranch Shah
Software Engineer
Ext. 204

Lexie Hinde
Account Manager
Ext. 205

Board of Advisors

Kavina Nagrani

Kavina is an Estates Lawyer with the law firm Loopstra Nixon LLP who has over ten years in her pre-law career in technology consulting.

Tannis Waugh

Tannis has been in practice for 14 years as a solicitor with a particular interest in modernization and compliance.

Joe Milstone

Joe is a co-founder of Caravel Law (formerly Cognition LLP) and specializes in commercial agreements, particularly in the technology, telecommunications, professional services and sports and entertainment sectors.

Mark Vanderheyden

Mark VanderHeyden, P.Eng. is CEO of Cellbie Inc., a GTA-based software start-up company. Cellbie is Mark’s 3rd start-up, following successful executive roles at Nokia, Siemens, Zhone and Nortel.

Friedrich Blase

Friedrich is 20+ year legal business veteran who helps, mentors, advises and invests in legal tech start-ups. He is also working on The Un-Firm of the Future.

Gabriela Arzuman

Gabriela is a certified credit professional with more than two decades of experience in credit and collection within various industries.


Do Process Software
Ryerson University Legal Innovation Zone
ERAssure Estate Risk Assurance

Executor's Choice

Peacehold Inc.


Contact Us

Please contact us at any time with questions and feedback. You can reach us by email, telephone, or through the live chat client on our website. Our team will respond to any inquiry within 24 hours. We take customer service very seriously.


Toll Free
1 (866) 577-8509

(437) 886-7638

Mailing Address
298 Dundas St W
Unit B
Toronto, ON M5T 1G2
298 Dundas St W
Unit B
Toronto, ON M5T 1G2

1 (866) 577-8509
Fax: (437) 886-7638

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