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NoticeConnect is a platform for individuals and businesses to post legal notices online.

As traditional newspaper readership declines, print advertisements are reaching fewer people. These ads can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Conversely, publishing a legal notice on NoticeConnect is simple, wide-reaching, and costs only $112 plus tax.

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Same-day publication. Templates available. Posting takes 5 minutes. Notarized affidavits of publication.
Search engine optimized. Shared on spcial media. Sent to subscribers. Sent directly to major creditors.
$112.00 to publish. $34.99 for a notarized affidavit of publication.

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What our users are saying

Our law firm has been utilizing the services of NoticeConnect to advertise for creditors with respect to estates almost since its inception… We have found that more clients are willing to advertise for creditors as the cost is reasonable.

Sharon Matthews, Law Clerk at Douglas F. Walker Professional Corporation

Service was fast, efficient, friendly and certainly the most cost-efficient option for the client.

Anita DeVries, Estates Clerk at Beard Winter LLP

Finally! NoticeConnect is the modern, sensible and cost-appropriate approach to advertising for creditors.

Daniel Nelson, Estate Lawyer at Civis Law LLP

See more praise for NoticeConnect on our our testimonials page.

Recent news

NoticeConnect Accepted in Superior Court

Did you know that publishing on NoticeConnect has been accepted as notice to creditors by Superior Court justices in Ontario?

In recent estates matters before the Superior Court of Justice in Windsor, Ontario, judges have granted orders waiving requirements of administration bonds. As part of the motions to have the administration bond requirements waived, lawyers submitted affidavit evidence that they had advertised for creditors online with NoticeConnect. They submitted the notarized affidavits of publication from our website. The judges granted the orders waiving the bonds. They had no issues with the fact that notice to creditors had been published on NoticeConnect rather than in a print newspaper. Click here to read the order and supporting documents.

Meeting with Attorney General of Ontario Yasir Naqvi
Ori Barbut, the honorable Yasir Naqvi, and Patrick Hartford, discussing NoticeConnect
Ori Barbut and Patrick Hartford from NoticeConnect, with Attorney General Yasir Naqvi

Last week we had the opportunity to discuss NoticeConnect with Yasir Naqvi, the Attorney General of Ontario. He immediately understood the need to update statutes in Ontario which call out the need to post in a newspaper (estate notices do not specify newspapers as a requirement, but some other types of notices do), and his forward thinking was greatly appreciated.

New website features

This week we have unveiled several new features on NoticeConnect, including the ability to create accounts for streamlined notice posting, the ability for creditors to subscribe to notices to creditors and automatically keep track of new notices posted on our site, and easy templates to help users post a notice to creditors.

Recent notices

The newest notices posted on our site appear below. You can also search through all of our notices.

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