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Our will registry keeps your information confidential

We're launching the Canada Will Registry this Spring. We've designed it in a way that keeps your data confidential and we've obtained a legal opinion from a leading Canadian law firm confirming that estate practitioners have the implicit consent of their clients to register their wills with us.

The top three strangest wills

Some people think creating a will is a solemn occasion - a way of staring down one’s own mortality and acknowledging that nothing lasts forever. Others, by contrast, have taken it upon themselves to make their wills as eccentric and unique as they were in life.

Millions worth of Bitcoin inaccessible because of a lost password

Investors of the Canadian cryptocurrency company QuadrigaCX are left disgruntled and worried after the co-founder and CEO, Gerald Cotten, died. You may be wondering why this is an important story for those of you who are in the business of estates. Well, let’s break it down.



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And many individual trustees...

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